High Holidays 5776

High Holiday Davenning at Beth Am Israel for 2015/5776

Hodesh Elul Tov, Beth Am Israel,

In these weeks of preparing for the new year and of taking stock of our lives, we at Beth Am Israel are preparing for the new year and have undertaken our own taking stock of the prayer space that we all come together for year in and year out.

We strive each year to balance the traditional prayer modes- the liturgy, the melodies – with new and innovative ways of being together in prayer- exploring new melodies, chant, silence and poetry.

Our aim in all of this is to provide meaningful, relevant and spiritually uplifting prayer experiences for our entire community, recognizing that there are many ways to pray, sing and experience tefilah.

Our Religious Life Committee met with Rabbi Harold, Rabbi Shelly and Hazzan Harold to review and discuss ideas for this coming year, 5776 and we want to share this with all of you:

The expanded tefilah options for Rosh HaShana include:

  • Musical/Contemplative Shacharit from 9-9:45am in our Chapel (Both days and Yom Kippur morning
  • Tefilah Acheret, “A Different Prayer” (alternate Musaf offering) in our Chapel (Day one of Rosh Hashana)

On Yom Kippur during Musaf, we will offer as we did last year, an alternative ‘break out’ for the Avodah service in the Chapel. This year we will expand this breakout to include the Martyrdom prayers (‘eleh ezkara’) as well as the Avodah service.

We look forward to greeting you and being together in the days and weeks to come!

Rabbi David, Hazzan Harold, Rabbi Shelly


Click on the links to the High Holiday Forms below. Fill them out and return them to the synagogue office.

Lulav Order Form 5776
Yizkor Book Form 5776
Guest Ticket Form 5776

Rosh Hashanah 2015 begins in the evening of Sunday, September 13 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, September 15

Yom Kippur begins the evening of Tuesday, September 22 and ends in the evening of Wednesday, September 23

Sukkot begins on the evening of September 27 and runs through October 4

Shemini Atzeret begins on October 4 at sundown

Simchat Torah begins on October 5th at sundown