Rabbi Morris S. Goodblatt Center for Jewish Learning

Beth Am Israel’s (BAI) education program, for grades K-10, offers a compelling educational experience that prepares students to participate in Jewish cultural and religious tradition, enables them to approach tefilah (prayer) with kavanah (intention), imparts an understanding of Torah, and fosters a meaningful connection with the State of Israel.

Our program draws upon the energies and experiences of professional staff, families, and the entire BAI community to create an engaging environment that values intergenerational learning and cultivates ruach (spirit), mutual respect, and a sense of belonging with both BAI and K’lal Yisrael (the Jewish people). We also welcome learners with inclusion needs; please click here for more information about our commitment to inclusion.

We are dedicated to helping our youth develop a positive Jewish identity that guides how they live in the world, as expressed through ethical behavior, acts of tikkun olam (loving-kindness), and life-long involvement in Torah and Jewish learning.