K-6th Grade

Active, ongoing parental participation in weekly worship and learning is a hallmark of Beth Am Israel’s education program. Our families participate in a variety of family education programs, services, Torah study, holiday celebrations, Shabbat dinners and Havdalah experiences.

Shabbat Morning Beit Midrash Program
Our Beit Midrash program takes place on Shabbat mornings and is for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. Beit Midrash promotes Jewish learning for children and their parents. Throughout the morning, our entire community gathers together for parts of the service. Family services and parent-led Torah study are some of the highlights of Beit Midrash mornings.

Thursday Afternoon Yom Hamishi Program
Our students in 3rd through 7th grade attend Yom Hamishi, our education program on Thursday afternoons from 4-6pm. Yom Hamishi involves hands-on, experiential learning. Students participate in our arts program, which includes puppetry, painting, music, and theater, and enjoy singing with “ruach” together.

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