How do we dip into the deep well of Jewish thought and practice to illuminate our lives today? Come have your questions answered at Beth Am Israel’s Adult Learning programs.

Shabbat Morning, January 5,new class beginning
9:30- 10:00 am- Your fearless leader, Harriet Katz, will introduce you what is involved in reading, comparing text with vowel points and chant marks to what it looks like in the scroll, explain the function of the musical phrases as a significant contributor to accurate reading. As well as learn 2-3 chant phrases and apply those phrases to a short verse, which, if all goes as planned, you will be able to chant by the end of the lesson. Basic reading skill in Hebrew (with vowel points), able to carry a musical tune and availability for 4-5 additional lessons preferred.
If after this intro you wish to continue, we will coordinate a time for class which will not be on Shabbat.


Tikkun Middot Lunch and Learn
12:30 pm- January 5 and February 9 Middot Lunch and Learn with Rabbi David. Share a meal with Rabbi David and learn about the Middot of the month.  


Lunch and Learn with Rabbi David at Blank Rome, 130 N 18th Street, Philadelphia PA
January 8th and February 5th at 12:15 pm- Bring your own lunch, and enjoy a discussion with Rabbi David.
Pirkei Avot Mini Series 
Thursday evenings, January 24, 31 and February 7 and 14 from 7-8:30 pm- “One who would be pious should embody the lessons of Pirkei Avot…” [Talmud Bavli, Bava Kamma 30a] Pirkei Avot is our tradition’s central collection of ethical guidance, the first formulation of many of the middot – character traits – to which a mindful, soulful person aspires. Join us for a Pirkei Avot mini-series as we explore four key teachings.  
“People of the Book”– Beth Am Authors Present Their Books
Wednesday, January 30, 7:30 pm– Jim Remsen presents Embattled Freedom: Chronicle of a Fugitive-Slave Haven in the Wary North. Ruth Estrich presents her inspirational book, Letters to Dorian. Sandy Choukroun presents her rich and fascinating two-part memoir, Tales of the Japanese Maple.