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Join Us!

“As a new member, I had the opportunity to organize and deliver mishloach manot (purim baskets). It was such a good feeling to be a part of this community, to be helping out, and meeting other members I might not have ordinarily have met. I took our two-year-old, Hannah, on our deliveries, and she really enjoyed the experience! This is such a wonderful community.”
Marina Gerstemeier, Member Since 2016

Let’s Connect

Ask us any questions. Feel free to visit us anytime.  Share with us what you’d like us to know about you, and we are happy to connect you with our clergy, our president, our membership chairs, and even set you up with a host for a shabbat meal.

1301 Hagys Ford Road, Penn Valley Pa 19072 | phone: 610.667.1651 | office email: | Google Maps