Meet our Community

Life is with people – the unofficial motto of Beth Am Israel ever since its founding in Southwest Philadelphia in 1923. Beth Am Israel has always been a hevrah( people working together to build meaningful Jewish lives and to create a caring network of friends). All in an environment that cherishes and supports spiritual, intellectual growth AND that includes all in a beautiful, dynamic, intergenerational context for Jewish celebration and learning.

We, Beth Am’ers, are committed to a pluralistic approach to Jewish thought and practice, while challenging our members and inviting our visitors to grapple seriously with their Jewish and communal responsibilities. We enjoy a remarkably high level of congregant involvement in all aspects of synagogue life, from delivering meals to delivering a d’var Torah. We blend respect for tradition with openness to innovate forms of Jewish expression. We strive to make Jewish learning an ongoing part of our daily lives. And we are dedicated to Tikkun Olam, creatively applying Jewish wisdom and service to the social injustices of our day.

We are an active, participatory, “hands-on” religious community in which each member assume responsibility for supporting our wide-ranging programs by volunteering their time and energy. There are a myraid of ways to participate at Beth Am Israel, from making a meal to decorating our sukkah, from teaching a course to mentoring a student, to digging in our landscape or making a “house” repair.

Beth Am Israel represents the best of what a synagogue should be: a House of Learning, of Celebration, and of Action. Our greatest assets are the remarkably talented, giving, and warm members. As Beth Am Israel grows, evolves and thrives, it will continue to provide us all with shalom bayit, a peaceful home.