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Mishloat Manot (Purim Baskets)

“As a new member, I had the opportunity to help organize and deliver mishloach manot. It was such a good feeling to be a part of this community, to be helping out, and meeting other members I might not have ordinarily have met. I took our two-year-old, Hannah, on our deliveries, and she really enjoyed the experience! This is such a wonderful community. Thank you for welcoming us into it.”
Marina Gerstemeier, Member Since 2016 

Mordecai declared the holiday of Purim a time of “feasting and gladness, and of sending food to one another, and gifts to the poor.”  Today, Purim remains a time for giving Mishloach Manot, gifts of food, both to those we know and those in need. Beth Am Israel’s education program is selling Mishloach Manot (kosher, nut-free goodie-bags of treats such as hamentaschen, dried fruit, chocolate, and more) to raise funds for our educational program.

How it works:

  • You will be sent your own unique link, and you can start ordering (new this year)!
  • When you order for Beth Am Israel Members, Faculty or Staff, you’ll name each person or family to whom you’d like to send a parcel-or send to the entire congregation! Parcels will be delivered by volunteers.
  • When you order for friends, family, neighbors, babysitters (the list goes on!) you can pick up your Mishloach Manot from BAI to give to them.
  • Reciprocals: You can choose to reciprocate automatically, which means anyone who gives you Mishloach Manot will be put on your list if they’re not on it already. Or you can give to who has given to you (new this year).