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Community of Do-ers

We are a Community of Do-ers. Volunteer with us. Explore your opportunities to connect.

Our strategic plan set us free to dream big. Your unique talents are needed to create and maintain the diversity of experiences and programs that match our wide-ranging interests. Offer just a couple of hours once. Make an ongoing commitment. Whatever feeds your soul.

Talk to any of the nice folks below!

Community Connections: Coordinate social events, celebrations and community-based programming. Ensure that we all stay connected, engaged and fulfilled. Chairs: Deb Aronson and  Linda Heller    

Communication & Outreach: Develop and oversee all internal and external communication strategies. Work with staff to build our website and social media messaging; create outreach opportunities to attract new members and keep current members informed. Chair: Randi Harris 

Early Childhood: Develop programs for young children and their parents/caregivers. Chair:  Leo Fuhrman

Education: Ensure that we maintain an excellent school where our children learn, flourish, and develop their Jewish identities. Chairs: Debbie Sasson and Dan Vogl

Finance: Keep our financial house in order; expertise developing and managing organizational budgets is a plus. Chairs: David Cohen, Melanie Marien-Efron and Charlie Ehrlich

Fundraising/Development/Endowment(a subcommittee of Finance): Build our financial strength to achieve our vision. We welcome people with fundraising or development experience, as well as people committed to helping us raise the funds we need to finance our plans.  Chairs: David Cohen,, Melanie Marien-Efron and Charlie Ehrlich

House: Our uplifting physical home inspires us and supports our spiritual journeys.  Help maintain our home and keep us all safe. Chairs:  Kevin Sultanik

Human Resources: Support the professional staff’s development, ensuring they have the tools they need as our leaders. HR experience welcome. Chairs: Marian Levine and Cecily Carol

Inclusion: Deliver on our commitment to being a community that accepts and welcomes differences as a priority. Chair:  Jaime Bassman

Israel Programming: Develop programming that helps us lovingly engage with and support the State of Israel and Jewish people around the world. Chairs: Pnina Siegler and Yair Argon

Leadership Development: Ensure a steady flow of volunteer “lay leaders” and equip and train these volunteers to partner with professional staff. Update our policies and other governance documents as needed. Chair: Adam Cutler 

Lifelong Learning: Develop programs to support lifelong learning, as learning is a priority for our community at all ages and stages.Chairs: Ken Koltun-Fromm

Love Your Neighbor (a combination of the previous Gemilut Hasadim and Social Action Committees): Support fellow members in times of need. Encourage volunteerism and community building. Help repair the world.Chairs: Gaby Lipkin, Irene Glickman, Leslie Lieberman and Judy Herman

Membership: Attract families at all life stages to maintain our vibrant synagogue family. Welcome and embrace new members, and ensure that each of us understands our membership obligations. Chairs: Michelle Harmon and Rob Jacobson

Religious Life: Build a sacred community that honors our Jewish traditions and inspires us to feel more deeply, to care more deeply and to seek deeper insights by opening our doors, hearts and minds. Prioritize inspiration, explore bold innovations, and welcome and support the invisible needs of underrepresented populations. Chairs: Annette Sussman and David Cohen

The intention with which we do our work is as important as the work itself.  We are animated by these principles.

Thank you if you already contribute to our wonderful community!