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Le Bec Am

“Le Bec Am is a uniquely “Beth Am” fundraiser, because it brings together our values of creating community and grassroots volunteering. Hosting and learning to cook exotic foods (often with a co-host couple) for an ethnically-themed gourmet evening while meeting other Beth Am families from different generations and cohorts makes for a one-of-a kind evening! Through delicious food and delightful and entertaining conversations, Le Bec Am helps rekindle old — and create new — friendships throughout Beth Am Israel.”
Leah Charlson, Member Since 2007
Around a dozen families volunteer to host dinners on the designated Saturday evenings or brunches on the designated Sundays.  Other BAI members sign up to be guests, and then you will be assigned hosts the week before the event- based on guests’ dietary preferences, hosts’ seating capacities, and our desire to “mix it up” a bit. 
The result is a yummy and fun gathering in which congregants spend time with established friends and also get the special opportunity to mingle with folks they might not have previously known.  In short, it proves to be a great and meaningful community-builder as well as a fundraiser for BAI.