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In the Front Line of Covid

Thursday, December 9th at 7:00 pm - Please join us for a panel presentation and discussion in which four Beth Am clinicians will share their personal experiences in working in “front line” medical and mental health settings impacted by the COVID pandemic. 


Marjorie Marenberg, M.D. – nursing home
Dagan Coppock, M.D. – acute care
George Anesi, M.D. – acute care
Norman Schaffer, Ph.D. – corrections

Adult Learning at BAI

How do we dip into the deep well of Jewish thought and practice to illuminate our lives today? Join us for our Adult Learning offerings this fall. 

The Art of Prayer 

A guided tour of the Weekday Shacharit (Morning) and Kabbalat Shabbat Service.
How are our Tefilah services constructed? What are the key elements, ideas, themes and underpinning concepts that make our ritual prayer experience full of potential meaning and power? And: How do I pronounce the words, what do they mean and why does any of this matter?
Be part of our class and explore the practical, the mystical, and the musical nature of the Shacharit service and later in the year, Kabbalat Shabbat. 
Each monthly class (first Thursday nights, 7:30 pm) we will broadcast live via zoom(it will be recorded and uploaded for viewing when you wish) and highlight one major part of our service. In between our live zoom meetings, participants will be invited to meet up with a study partner and (with the source material to be provided) find one or two times to meet for further study and conversation between sessions.  Participants will also be invited to keep a ‘prayer journal’ and tune-in and notice when life gets ‘prayerful’. 
Open to all levels of practice and knowledge, this is a class rated "E" for everyone. 

December 3
January 7
February 4
March 4
April 1
May 6

Tuesday Night Daf Yomi at 8:30 pm

So let’s say you want to read (or study or ‘learn’) the entire Babylonian Talmud, at a pace of a page a day! Here’s the math. The standard printed edition of the Talmud consists of 2,711 pages. That’s seven and a half years’ worth of daily pages. That pattern, established a century ago, is known as ‘Daf Yomi’ (literally ‘daily page’). The current cycle began this past January, and since then we’ve been gathering once a week to take a look at one of that week’s designated pages. Plan to join us on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 for a taste of Talmud. Check out this article to learn more about Daf Yomi. No prior knowledge or experience required.


Hidden Histories and Untold Stories, co-sponsored by BAI 

December 1st at 8:00 pm EDT-Dr. Sarah Wolf on how foreign the beit midrash would feel to the early Rabbis. Register here and use coupon code: PennFall20. 

December 8th at 8:00 pm EDT- Dr. Amy Kalmanofsky on what the Bible really had against Jezebel. Register here and use coupon code: PennFall20.


Equity, Forgiveness and Intersectionality, Co-sponsored by BAI 

December 2nd at 10:00 pm EDT- Rabbi Dr. Gail Labovitz on what Exodus has to teach us about intersectionality. Register here and use coupon code: PennFall20. 

December 9th  at 10:00 pm EDT- Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Cohen on building a multiracial democracy. Register here and use coupon code: PennFall20. 

Music Prayer Lab 

8-9:00 pm - Music Prayer Lab, now entering its fifth year is a space for improvisational music and prayer making. We invite all of you (kids, teens, adults) to participate actively, regardless of prior experience or musical ability. Our goal is to be present to the moment, listen deeply, take small risks, and hold the space for the unexpected. Each lab is different because each time we are different! Oh, and it’s fun and joyful and always a mystery! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hazzan Harold.


December 20 
January 24
February 28
March 21 
April 18 
May 16 

Advanced Mussar Class beginning Thursday, December 3rd at 7:30 pm

For those who’ve completed a year of ‘Tikkun Middot’- This years’ curriculum will include: a review of some of the “core” Middot, likely with a new approach to each; the addition of a few new Middot that neither group has yet studied; reading and discussion of the writings of some of the traditional Mussar masters to challenge us and deepen our understanding of Mussar practice.

December 3
January 7
February 4
March 4
April 8
May 6
June 3

Learn to Chant from the Torah

Learn to chant from the Torah with Hazzan Harold. There has never been a better time to take the plunge. With Torah reading on-line, we’ve made it that much easier to learn this ancient skill and become one of our Torah readers. Requirements: Basic Hebrew reading skills. That’s it. No special voice training or ability needed. We will learn about cantillation and about how these notes and squiggly lines help us to pronounce the words correctly. Learn the skill in just a few weeks and commit to reading on Shabbat at some point during the year. Email Hazzan Harold privately, and depending on interest we will form a group or work one-on-one. A great way to give back to BAI and share in this mitzvah! 

To learn more and sign up with Hazzan Harold, email him here

BAI: The Soul Cast 

Thu, December 3 2020 17 Kislev 5781