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G'milut Hasadim

One of the best aspects of being a member at Beth Am is the sincere caring that we extend to each other. This community of supporters, of people that uplift the other, is an important part of our shared Beth Am experience. We are here for each other. And we want to be here for each other. 

Putting that caring into action is the work of the G’milut Hasidim and Caring Havurah groups. Each of these groups is dedicated to providing comfort during difficult times. We encourage you to contact us if you need any help from meals and transportation to emotional and spiritual support.

We sometimes hear that members of the community are reluctant to use our services, thinking that they should save them for others in more need. But that’s not the point of the work that we do.  We are here to provide comfort to each other during times that are bumpy and difficult as well as times that can feel truly overwhelming.

Some Services Provided by G’milut Hasadim include meals during difficult times, illness, before and after a loss. We also provide transportation when needed, shiva support, companionship and hospital visits. 

We encourage you to contact us anytime you feel you need an extra bit of comfort by emailing us.

Our team of loving BAI’ers will greet you with a good ear and will ask some important questions, such as with whom do you want us to share your need, how you would like us to share it,  and do you have any food allergies, strong food dislikes, kashrut needs or any other concerns so we can best serve you, safely and discretely.

How to Get Involved and Lend a Hand

You can participate in the G'milut Hasidim group by cooking (you can do this anonymously or part of our large in-shul cooking days), making a food delivery,  providing transportation, and offering other support on an as-needed basis.  Or, you can join a committed group of Caring Havurah members who discretely provide comfort by making hospital visits, making check in phone calls, providing spiritual and communal connection to others in moments of transition.

For each of us it is a mitzvah to give. We believe it is also a mitzvah to receive.  That is the way we grow as a community.

Mon, October 26 2020 8 Cheshvan 5781