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For Adults

How do we dip into the deep well of Jewish thought and practice to illuminate our lives today? 

Check the event calendar for the next Lifelong Learning series.

On the One Hand… (Or, Five Favorite Talmudic Passages) with Rabbi David

Beginning January 7 and ending on February 4 at 8:00 pm- Come and explore a handful of particularly juicy Talmudic teachings -one a week- focusing on prayer, Shabbat, interpersonal relations, sexuality, and caring for people who are poor. No prior knowledge or Talmud experience needed; let’s just learn together!

Lunch and Learn with Rabbi David at Trail’s End Cafe

Come grab a bite to eat and learn with Rabbi David.
2019/2020 Dates (All lunch and learns are at 12:15 pm): 

  • Wednesday, January 15
  • Wednesday, February 5
  • Wednesday, March 25
  • Wednesday, April 29
  • Wednesday, May 13
  • Wednesday, June 17

Lunch and Learn with Rabbi David at Blank Rome

2019/2020 dates and details to be released soon. 

Adult Learning Programs Coming Soon:

Israeli literature: Ronit Engel has agreed to repeat one of her Israeli literary workshops devoted to an Israeli author or theme – yet to be determined. Date in the late spring.

Creative writing: Miriam Camitta has agreed to lead a structured, expressive writing workshop that will be focused around a Pesach theme.  Given the Pesach theme, we would schedule this event in the weeks before Pesach.


This 1½ hour workshop is open to anyone who would enjoy a jump start on a creative writing project. Writing prompts will be real objects loosely or directly related to the activities and themes of Passover. Participants will be challenged to respond to these prompts in several five-minute writing sessions and will share them with the group. The “Yard Sale” is a well-known and fun method for generating writing and stimulating your writer’s imagination.

Mindfulness workshops: Stacey Mandel – has agreed to lead two Family Mindfulness 101 workshops, for kids and adults, which will be done in conjunction with the Hebrew school and tied to one of the monthly Middot themes (“Wisdom”). One workshop will be delivered for grades K to 3, and one for grades 4 to 6. The workshops will be scheduled on Shabbats at 11am. We hope to invite Beth Am adults (former Hebrew school parents and interested adult congregants) to attend.

Bibliodrama: Jerry Jennings will combine psychodrama and group improv to lead a Bibliodrama event – a structured group experience in which congregants take on characters and perspectives in a reenactment of a Torah story/event. We are still open to recommended stories/events. One idea would be to choose Purim and schedule this event in late February just before Purim.

Jewish ethics and biological identity:  This is still tentative. Anita Schmuckler hopes to lead a presentation and discussion about issues related to Jewish families who discover that members are not biologically related ala Ancestry.com. But we need to think it through and see if it can be paired with an authority on medical ethics or Jewish ethics.

“I have appreciated BAI’s many opportunities for adults to learn and teach each other about Jewish history, art, Israel, and more. Whole areas of our Jewish heritage have been deepened for me, and I have been inspired to read and learn more after the adult education programs. I have also enjoyed guiding BAI members in creating silk challah covers and Hebrew calligraphy. “
Paulette Jellinek,  Member Since 1988