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Thursday evenings, January 24, 31 and February 7 

“One who would be pious should embody the lessons of Pirkei Avot…” [Talmud Bavli, Bava Kamma 30a] Pirkei Avot is our tradition’s central collection of ethical guidance, the first formulation of many of the middot – character traits – to which a mindful, soulful person aspires. Join us for a Pirkei Avot mini-series as we explore four key teachings.

Wednesday, January  30th, 7:30PM – “People of the Book – Beth Am authors present their books”

Jim Remsen presents Embattled Freedom: Chronicle of a Fugitive-Slave Haven in the Wary North. This is an extraordinary and well-researched historical account of Jim’s hometown village of Waverly, Pennsylvania, which was an Underground Railroad stop and haven for fugitive slaves.  The town harbored a community of African Americans in the turbulent years leading to the Civil War and the book tells the stories of 13 men who fought for freedom in the war.  Purchase online at Amazon.

Congregant Ruth Estrich presents her inspirational book, Letters to Dorian, which describes her experiences as a 32-year old woman dealing with a very challenging cancer diagnosis and treatment. She describes how the “blessings” of those lessons helped her through multiple cancer diagnoses, two strokes and heart failure in the intervening years. To this day, she lives her life with gratitude and joy, guiding by the belief that “life happens FOR you,” which she shares in inspirational speaking venues.  Purchase online at Amazon.

Congregant Sandy Choukroun presents her rich and fascinating two-part memoir, Tales of the Japanese Maple. Strong Jewish themes unite the first half, “Broad Street Stories,” which is about growing up in Philadelphia; each chapter taking place on an intersection of Broad Street, with the second half, “Aventures en France,” which describes her discovery of her husband Jean-Marc’s Sephardic/French culture and events that happened as their children grew up.