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Dog Treats and Customized Bowls! Purchase yours today.

For the past few months, Beth Am Israel’s 7th Grade Class, Sheva, has been working on a class B’nai Mitzvah Project. We presented about animal cruelty, climate change issues, dirty water around the world, and homelessness in Philadelphia. We had the time to learn and teach others about these social issues.  After each social issue was presented, our class voted on what they were most passionate about. Our decision was to move forward with a project to help animals. Once the topic was decided, we then broke into committees. The following committees have helped make this project work:

  • Charity Relations- this committee helped find the charity we wanted to work with*
  • Marketing- this committee helped make the flyer
  • Product Committees- this committee consisted of two sub committees. One group focused on the dog treats, and the other focused on the dog bowls and products.
  • Finance- this committee approved the prices given to them by the Product Committee, gave each student a number of treats they must sell to break even, and will keep track of our expenses/profits.

We hope you will consider purchasing dog treats and bowls. All treats will be homemade Tuesday, January 14, in addition to customizing the bowls purchased.  Treats and bowls will also be for sale on MLK Day of Service, Learning & Dialogue. If you do not have a pet, but would like to join our class, please consider sending a donation to Beth Am Israel, or donating right here. We thank you in advance for helping to make our project successful!

*We chose to donate to Senior Dog Haven whose mission is to rescue and re-home senior dogs (age 7 and older) and to offer hospice care to rescued senior dogs in our program.