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Our Values


At Beth Am Israel, we strive to create a warm, intimate and inclusive synagogue, blending Jewish heritage and tradition with an openness to change and evolution.

Working together, we seek to experience the richness of modern Jewish life and to build a creative and dynamic Jewish community that infuses our lives with joy, meaning and sacred purpose.

We are…

Devoted to lifelong learning that stimulates and nurtures a deep connection to and love of Judaism and Torah in children, youth, adults and families (Torah);

Seeking to create joyful, meaningful Shabbat, holiday and other prayer and spiritual experiences that enliven our souls and inspire how we live our daily lives (Avodah);

Living our Values through acts of loving kindness, caring for and supporting each other in times of joy and sorrow (Gemilut Hasadim); and actively engaging together in repairing the broader world outside our doors (Tikkun Olam);

Lovingly Engaged with, connected to and supportive of the State of Israel and the Jewish people around the world (K’lal Yisrael);

Committed and responsible citizens of our community who actively participate in, and contribute to, the spiritual and social life of our synagogue community (Kehillah);

Welcoming of Jews of any denomination, point of view and level of Jewish education and observance who wish to explore their Jewish paths; families, singles, those in interfaith relationships, Jews by choice, those who identify as LGBTQ+ and individuals with special needs; from any age, race and socioeconomic background. We come as unique individuals and seek meaning together (K’vod ha-B’riot/B’tzelem Elohim).

We are a progressive conservative synagogue, proudly affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Thu, October 22 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781