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Shabbat and Festivals

Shabbat at Beth Am Israel: Creating sacred time in our sacred space.

Friday Night/Kabbalat Shabbat: Informal, causal, spirited and soulful. (6-7 PM)

Our Musical Kabbalat Shabbat service offers contemplative and uplifting prayer with melodies and niggunim set to acoustic music. The Maariv (evening service) that follows blends traditional nusach with contemporary melodies. Come as you are: Jeans and sneakers are as common as suit and tie.

Shabbat Morning (9 AM)

Each week begin with two offerings,  lively and interactive Torah study with our Rabbi or an extended and enhanced prayer with our Hazzan we call Tefilah B’Kavanah (Prayer with intention). Monthly 9 am offerings include Tikkun Midot Yoga led by Rabbi Myriam Klotz, Embodied Prayer led by Nicole Levin.

Our main service blends traditional prayer modes with contemporary melodies and niggunim and features acoustic music in the early part of the service and a more traditional approach in the later parts of our prayer.  This is a time for our whole community to come together each week- young kids at tot Shabbat, our elementary school kids during Shabbat Beit Midrash Education program, parents and adults of all ages.

Pesach Services

Friday, April 19, Erev Pesach

7:00 am- Shacharit and Service for the First Born- Join us for a brief Morning service, followed by a short study session. All are welcome, especially first born children. Fresh bagels (the last Hametz) and coffee will be served.

Shabbat, April 20, Day 1 Pesach

9:00 AM Tefilah B’kavanah, Freedom Songs and Prayer
               Torah Study
9:45 Shabbat and Festival Service continues

Sunday, April 21, Pesach Day Two

9:00 am- Pesach Services

Thursday Night, April 25 Festival Evening Service

7:30 pm- Festival Service begins

Friday, April 26, Day Seven of Pesach

9:00 am- Pesach Service

6:00p pm Kabbalat Shabbat, abridged (Freedom Edition) and Ma’ariv

Shabbat, April 27, Day Eight of Pesach

9:00 am- Shabbat Services with Yizkor (approximately 11:15 am)