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Music Prayer Lab

MUSIC PRAYER LAB (only) at Beth Am Israel: The Art of Co-Creation

Over the past two years  Beth Am Israel has been home to an ever expanding kaleidoscopic of dedicated congregant musicians (singers and instrumentalists), prayer-ers, and fellow travelers…all interested in exploring the nexus of prayer, improvisational music-making, and intentional community in the “Now”.

We began as a drum circle nearly three years ago and have evolved into a vibrant space for noticing the musical and prayerful interaction between the individual and the group, between listening deeply and the offering of self and group expression.  Together, we find ways to pray with our instrument:  be it drum, voice, keyboard, guitar, shaker.

Be part of our monthly gatherings.  We engage in the art of “co-creation”, a blend of playing together, reflecting on our ‘jams’ and then jamming some more.  And you are welcome to join!

Beth Am Israel’s Music Prayer Lab is a safe and open space for novice and more seasoned musicians alike.

No prior experience needed!  When you come, be present, and with a desire to contribute, learn and listen. We also ask all who participate to come back on Friday Nights and Shabbat morning as you are able to be part of our prayer leadership group.

If you already attend our services, the Music Prayer Lab can provide a meaningful place to practice new harmonies, try improvisations, and get and give feedback on what transpires.