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Beit Midrash Re-Opening Plan

We are excited to share with you our plans for the upcoming school year. As we try to navigate this challenging period, the importance of connection to our community is even greater than before

In the past several weeks our Education Director, Leo Fuhrman, has been working with a group of representatives from the community to create a plan for the upcoming school year. Leo made sure to have the input of every stake holder with a connection to the Beit Midrash program.  The School Opening Task Force included staff, board members, parents and medical personnel. 

The Task Force had a series of meetings with the purpose of finding creative and effective solutions that would allow the school to meet, in person or online. Our goal was to find the right balance between safety, connection to the community, and Jewish engagement. 

This process also included the parent survey, which most of you have filled out, and special discussion in the Executive Committee. Finally, I am pleased to announce that the Beit Midrash program will have an in-person component this year. The students in grades K-6th will be divided into four groups that will meet on Shabbat every two weeks, for one hour long sessions. Students in the 7th grade will also meet in person every other week.

Here is a description of the first two months of school, including the plan for in-person sessions. For a more detailed description of the plan, including safety measures, you can access the attached document. 

For our FAQ's page, please visit this page. Please feel free to reach out to Leo with any questions, comments or concerns. We are in this together.

The New Beit Midrash Week: 

Grades K-2nd will meet twice a week :

  •  One Shabbat session with their class for one hour
  • Another small Hebrew session with 3 students for 30 minutes. These sessions will be coordinated between the students and the teacher. 

Grades 3rd-6th will meet three times a week:  

  • One Thursday school gathering for 15 minutes, leading to a session with their class for one hour
  • One Shabbat session with their class for one hour
  • Another small Hebrew session with 3 students for 30 minutes. These sessions will be coordinated between the students and the teacher.   


We will still have extra Hebrew tutors for grades 3rd-6th for students who need it. 

In-Person Outdoor Sessions: 

This plan for outdoor meetings is for September and October, and it will only happen assuming the Covid-19 numbers stays roughly the same. We are currently looking into moving the in-person sessions inside the building in November if the situation allows it. More details will come once the time gets closer. 

In order for students to participate in these sessions:

  • They must wear masks at all times. 
  • All students must go through a symptom screening before joining the group.
  • Parents must commit to following the safety guidelines, as well as to inform us if they detect any symptoms from their child or anyone in their household. 
  • Students must follow staff instructions and maintain a 6 feet distance from one another. 
  • Students must bring their own folding chair and water bottle.


Students will be divided into four groups and will be limited to under 20 people in each session, including staff:

Group 1- K-2nd grades

Group 2- 3rd-4th grades

Group 3- 5th grades

Group 4- 6th grades


Each Shabbat will have two sessions:

1st session- 10:00am-11:00am

Break- 11:00am-11:30am

2nd session- 11:30am-12:30pm


Only one group will meet in each session. Each group will meet in person every other week and will meet online every off week. 

The session will be conducted on the Beth Am Israel lawn and will have physical markers to make it easier for the students to maintain a safe distance. For more information on the session, pickup/drop off, using bathrooms, and our plan of action in the case of exposure please read the full plan. 


Orientation and starting date: 

The first day of Beit Midrash for 3-6th Grade is Thursday, September 10th at 4:30 pm on Zoom.

The first in-person session for K-6th Grade is Shabbat, September 12th throughout the day. This day will be a special orientation with parents invited. Each class will have a time slot throughout the day for a meeting with the teacher on the BAI lawn. Exact times will be announced in the coming days.

Other in-person dates:

Shabbat, September 26th

Shabbat, October 3rd

Shabbat, October 10th

Shabbat, October 17th

Shabbat, October 24th

Shabbat, October 31st


2020-2021 Teachers -

Pre-K: Holli Elgart

1st: Sharona Durry 

2nd: Sharon Paltin

3rd-4th: Bruce Skversky

5th: Wendy Lebofsky

6th: Yochi Paltin

7th: Sarah Lefkowitz

We will be conducting a virtual Town Hall Meeting for our Beit Midrash Families.  In the coming days, we will update with more information. 

Wed, October 21 2020 3 Cheshvan 5781